The Pleasures of Apartment Living in Paris

'We love hearing our guests tell us about their favourite part of staying in a vacation rental in Paris. Jane Paech, author of Delicious Days in Paris, shares just what creates that magical experience of living like a Parisian for her.' Living the Dream. Photo Vincent Bourdon                                 To read my guest blog for Paris Perfect on my stay in their beautiful rental apartments, and the pleasures of apartment living in Paris, click here.


Metro Bakery & Café

A few weeks ago I was down in 'The Mount' on the Limestone Coast for a book event and stayed overnight with good friends. Mount Gambier is in the neck of the woods I grew up in - just a short drive from the family farm at Naracoorte, the Coonawarra wine region and the picturesque seaside town of Robe, where I spent childhood summer holidays. The region is filled with world heritage natural sites and the Mount is described as 'a city of craters, lakes and caves'. If you're planning a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne via the spectacular Great Ocean Road, it's ...


A Delicious Interview with Paris Perfect

To see my full interview with Paris Perfect, a company that offers hand-picked, luxury holiday rentals with dazzling Paris views, click here. Jane Paech, Alsace apartment, Paris Perfect 2014. Photo: Vincent Bourdon To read a review of Delicious Days by Paris Perfect, click here.


Jamface by Poh

You just know when you've stumbled upon something good. Early last Sunday morning, rain falling, I was moseying about the market when across the way from the muddy potatoes and tangled roots of horseradish I spied Jamface out of the corner of my eye. Here at the Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market, among the lemon bergamot pears and earthy winter vegetables, this bespoke stall is so gorgeously presented that a magazine stylist may well have waved a wand over it.  Artfully arranged with a hefty dose of panache and a cheeky, fun logo, I should have known that Poh had something to do with it! Newcomer Jamface ...


A book review by Paris Perfect

'Ever wish you had that best friend who would share with you all her favorite addresses, not to be missed shopping experiences and hidden spots in Paris? With her new book “Delicious Days in Paris: Walking Tours to Explore the City’s Food and Culture,” Jane Paech has shared all her favorite Paris recommendations and travel tips.'To read the rest of the review click here.And to check out Paris Perfect's dream apartment rentals, sit yourself down with a glass of wine and click here. Relax on your little balconette; Paris Perfect apartments. Photo: Vincent Bourdon


Pot Ready Mussels, alive, a-live-O

One of my fondest memories of mussels is a lunch of moules frites in a cosy restaurant on the Grand Place in Brussels, snug at a window table, snow falling softly outside. I have dug into my fair share in France too, when come September, cafés and brasseries are busy cooking up moules frites and serving fragrant bowls of mussels in a myriad of ways. Add some crusty baguette and a carafe of wine, and it's an inexpensive and delicious way to spend an evening. In season, the produce markets in Paris are also laden with mussels, noisily scooped into buckets like seashells, ...


Paris by Mouth – A Taste of the Left Bank

It's just after eleven on a Sunday morning and a long line of clued-up locals curls from the door of la boulangerie. The smell of fresh bread teases on the footpath. Our tour guide Phyllis joins the queue and soon emerges with a traditional baguette, known as une tradi. She explains that there has been a renaissance in authentic, hand-shaped baguettes in France over the past few years and that une tradi can only be made from four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast and water. It takes longer to make a traditional baguette so it will cost you slightly more, but you are guaranteed the real thing. Phyllis cuts the ...


A Few Updates to the Pages of Delicious Days

My greatest challenge during the creation process of Delicious Days was keeping abreast of changes from afar. Addresses can vanish in a puff of smoke or suddenly close their doors for renovations. Chefs can change, standards can drop, and even from day to day meals, staff and the ambience of a place can vary. As the process of creating Delicious Days was nearing its end, however, I had to say 'enough' and draw a line, for there will always be more changes. As a writer, it's also important that you trust your instincts, for often a passage reflects an experience on just one particular ...


Classic Paris: One Perfect Day

Romantic, mouth-watering Paris – with so many wonderful things to do and see – where do you start? The dilemma becomes even greater if your time is limited. Below, I share five classic ideas if you have just 24 precious hours in my favourite city. Promenade through the Tuileries Gardens For an elegant introduction to the City of Light and to soak up the full splendour of Paris there’s nothing like a stroll through the gold-plated first arrondissement. The neighbourhood is classic Paris, dominated by the Louvre Palace, a patchwork of elegant squares and breathtaking gardens. Start at the Cour Carrée at ...