On the Moon Lantern Festival

Tonight, I was going to write about OzAsia’s Moon Lantern Festival 2013. Under the light of a full moon, it promised to be a very special event at Elder Park on the River Torrens with food stalls, performances, fireworks and a parade of astonishingly beautiful glowing lanterns. Unfortunately, due to rain and 70 km/hr gusts of wind, the event (which stems from Asian mid-Autumn harvest festivities) was cancelled in the 11th hour; an incredibly disappointing outcome for the community groups and schools who put so much hard work and effort into the lead up. With marquees nearly taking off across the park and fragile paper lanterns destroyed, it is the first time in the history of the festival that it has been cancelled.

I can only imagine how flat the team who have put their heart and soul into organising this event for the past five months must be feeling. This includes my daughter Georgi who was so looking forward to seeing the evening unfold. Désolé ma chérie.

The gunpowder was let off without the fireworks and only one lantern was lit, the very last, just as it was packed away.

I think it deserves to be seen.

The Rolla Bolla Lantern built for Cirkidz and United Care Wesley.  Photo: Georgi Paech

The Rolla Bolla Lantern built for Cirkidz & United Care Wesley. Photo: Georgi Paech

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  • Kate
    September 20, 2013

    So sad and frustrating for them! But the pic is appreciated.
    Kate (and Andy)

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