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Paris in Bloom

Last week, I was thrilled and honoured to receive an advance review copy of Georgianna Lane’s stunning new book, Paris in Bloom. I urge you to pre-order now! For Francophiles, it is a book to treasure that will make your spirits soar…

Cherry Blossoms at Notre Dame, Paris

From beginning to end Paris in Bloom is a glorious affair. Thick with promise, the pages turn effortlessly like petals in the wind, uplifting and exhilarating, and oh so pretty, bringing gasps of joy! In our chaotic world, it offers us all a heartening remedy by celebrating the beauty and fragility of life through flowers, against the beguiling backdrop of Paris.


Blushingly romantic, Georgianna’s love of blooms is strewn across every sumptuous page as she exquisitely captures the fleeting pleasures that come with each passing season.



From parks and gardens to mesmerising floral boutiques and markets, this is a book to cherish, showered with sunshine, hope and dreams. I almost weep with longing as I imagine crunching over gravel paths in the city’s most elegant, flower-filled spaces and peering through the enchanting doorway of une boutique de fleuriste.


Paris’s floral charms have been gathered with careful attention to detail before being tied with a flourish into one artfully-arranged bouquet…Heavenly images of whimsical balcons vie with vintage French ribbons and pale pink peonies, their delicate petticoats of blossom wooing from the basket of a bicycle.

Paris Perfect Apartment photographed by Georgianna Lane


A true delight for the senses, this beautiful book rejoices in French art de vivre and inspires us all to savour the rosy moments in life. If Paris in Bloom doesn’t stir you to book a ticket to Paris, nothing will.

Paris in Bloom at St Regis

For more information on Paris in Bloom and how to pre-order, click here.

Jane xx

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