A Delicious Interview with Paris Perfect

To see my full interview with Paris Perfect, a company that offers hand-picked, luxury holiday rentals with dazzling Paris views, click here. Jane Paech, Alsace apartment, Paris Perfect 2014. Photo: Vincent Bourdon To read a review of Delicious Days by Paris Perfect, click here.


A Paris Food Tour with Context Travel

This morning I took a quick tour through the scribbled notebooks of my recent trip to Paris. By the time I had finished, I not only felt incredibly hungry but I also realised just how many wonderful tastes and pleasures I have yet to bring you. For those of you who are reading Delicious Days, you may have already discovered my day dipped in chocolate, featuring a Chocolate Walk with Context Travel. The acclaimed tour company has revolutionised day tours in cities across the world with their small group 'walking seminars' aimed at the intellectually curious traveller. Tours are led by ...


Delicious Days in Paris has just hit the shelves!

Delicious Days is now available in bookstores in Australia and New Zealand, a little earlier than expected. A big thank you to Julie Gibbs and her wonderful team at Lantern, and to everyone who has supported me with this exciting project. Book events will be posted on the Events page of the blog shortly. Take a peek inside here. Jane Paech with Delicious Days in Paris. Photo: Vincent BourdonMerci mille fois to Vincent Bourdon for the photo shoot!


Delicious Days in Paris

I am thrilled to finally be able to give you a glimpse of my upcoming book, Delicious Days in Paris. Here is the gorgeous front cover. The team at Lantern is so talented!It will still be a little while before Delicious Days is sitting prettily on the shelf (2014) but I should have a copy to hold in my hands very soon. So exciting!For more information about Delicious Days visit the Penguin Australia website.I'll keep you posted re the book's progress!